Business dinner

One of the most famous locations in Milan is Osteria Mamma Rosa. Synonymous with High Quality, with products selected directly by Chef Valerio Stumpo, always fresh and qualified companies.

Our guest is those who want to be in an elegant and welcoming location at the same time, where the frescoes and colors give the impression of not being in the city of Milan. The dishes of land and sea are sought after and always prepared under the supervision of the Chef who never leaves anything to chance.

The ideal location for business lunches and dinners, lends itself very well, with more rooms separate from each other, allows our guests to also have private areas where you can celebrate or discuss business in peace.

The high-level cuisine will allow diners to taste the real Italian cuisine, always accompanied by our precious wines. Osteria Mamma Rosa has a cellar of fine wines, our staff will be happy to take you on a tour.

As far as parking is concerned, the restaurant has an agreement with a parking lot and always outside there is always the Parking Valet of the Osteria that will take care of your car.
At the bottom you can find some of our proposals for lunch.

For information contact Michele, restaurant manager.


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